Louise Sawaki, MA, LPC

You have just landed on the metaphorical 'welcome mat' to my tiny corner of the world-wide-web. With so many choices to click on, thank you for choosing to land here. Seeking help often feels vulnerable.  Brene Brown teaches that courage and vulnerability go hand-in-hand, and you can't have one without the other.  I see your coming here today as an act of courage; an intentional act of bravely doing what it takes.  I invite you to take the next step; reach out and connect.  After you've read my tiny introduction, contact me to learn more about how I can help you on your journey of healing.


I am passionate about helping people heal from trauma using the power of their stories to find validation and understanding. That takes vulnerability and courage, many times over, and in a big way.  I‘m all about helping you rebuild hope and possibilities through the power and value of reclaiming and reauthoring your story.  Our stories connect us to ourselves and to one another in a deep way through themes of hardship and triumph. We all have a story. Every story matters.


Do you know that your story has power?   Every experience, every emotion has the power to change us.  How would you like to reclaim that tranformation power?  Therapy with me offers you the safe space to explore hard themes, yes, and you get to be author of new stories and rewrite old ones. You begin owning and integrating your transformation power to face the day, every day. 


So, what's your story? 



Every story matters. 


What's yours?

How I Help

We all instinctively reach toward an optimal vision of ourselves.  We’re all seeking life satisfaction. My counseling approach is centered around the belief that you know better than I what that vision of satisfaction is for you.  So I trust you to set the agenda, and my role as your collaborator is to facilitate an environment where you are free to explore your possibilities.  Whether you are young or old, you have the capacity to deepen your awareness and reconnect to the choices that align you to a more expansive vision of yourself and find the satisfaction you seek in your relationships and in your personal growth.  You get to write that story. 


My 'frame' is as eclectic as each person's story is unique. I use a trauma-informed lens. I reference the neuroscience of attachment. I incorporate dialectical behavior therapy, family systems, and narrative methods. I weave traditional talk therapy with mindfulness practices and body awareness to help clients connect with the present moment and express their authentic self in the fullest way possible with non-judgement.





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About Louise

Louise Sawaki

Like many of you, I have my own story of transition, challenge and trauma. I’ve done my share of raising my fist at the sky, wailing at God and the universe at how unfair, how pained, how alone and wounded I felt.  Times of darkness that seemed unbearable and unending taught me this wisdom, that no one makes it on this journey alone. You don't have to.  I offer you a "safe other" to go along with you where you need to go. I can sit with you and hold space for you until you're ready to go there.  You won't have to go it alone!  Whatever you're struggling with will be met with kindness.  I will 'hold the lamp' for you in the darkness. 

Hello and welcome to Integrate Counseling.  I come to counseling from a lifelong passion to be a helper. Having genuine interest in the person sitting across from me comes naturally. I became a licensed professional counselor in 2015, after a career of 30 plus years working in Austin mental health nonprofits, serving children, families, and youth.  Through the years of helping people face many kinds of crises, I became convinced that everyone has a story, and began to understand how every story counts.

"I offer you a 'safe other' to go along with you where you need to go"

On the flipside, I have been blessed with the gift of a cultured life traveling and residing in many different countries, the joy and love of my son, the genuine affection of friends, the respect and encouragement of colleagues, and the sweetness of reconciliation.  Not to mention that I get to live in one of the most ‘happenin’ cities; Austin, Texas, aka the official music capital of the world, the home of SXSW and ACL!  I completed my undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin (Go Horns!) and Masters in Counseling at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest (now the Loise Henderson Wessendorff Center for Christian Ministry and Vocation).  I’ve pursued additional training addressing complex trauma in adolescents and adults, and am trained in NACA acupuncture, and I am still hungry to learn.


It is my privilege, in this chapter of my life to be able to truly help you connect with and express your authentic self in the fullest way possible.

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